Who should be the sixth and final participant in the Six Way Elimination Fray at 'One Year Later...'?

On Sunday July 10th, when Tier 1 Wrestling Presents it's huge anniversary event, 'One Year Later...', fans will experience the sixth match of the Six Way Elimination Fray series. The winner of that match will fill the last spot in The Final Fray for a shot at 'The Crown Jewel of the Concrete Jungle', the Tier 1 Championship.
Stitch Osiris
Christian Casanova
Matt Macintosh
Gran Akuma
‘Colossal’ Mike Law
Joey Ace
Nutrious X
Shane Sabre
Space Monkey
Travis Gordon
Steve Scott
Jeremy Leary
“The Man of Steel” Mike Verna
Eric Draven/Jayden
Bobby C Dinero
Mr. Touchdown Mark Angel
“The Elite Athlete” Mike Orlando
David Starr
Latin Dragon
Damian Gibbs
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