What are your favorite LF Show episodes of 2023?

Kola Nut Timebank: Building Community, One Hour at a Time
Kola Nut Timebank: Building Community, One Hour at a Time
“The Future is Disabled”: Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha
“The Future is Disabled”: Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha
Abigail Disney: The American Dream or Nightmare for Workers?
Abigail Disney: The American Dream or Nightmare for Workers?
Johann Hari: Get Your Mind Back / Save Democracy?
Undercovered Realities / Innovative Reporters: BIPOC Media in 2023
Saket Soni: How Trafficked Workers Pulled Off “The Great Escape” One-On-One
Warrior Women & Wounded Knee at 50: Madonna Thunder Hawk & Marcella Gilbert
V (formerly Eve Ensler) Reckoning and the 25th Anniversary of V-Day
Black Journalists on Police Violence: Reporting from the Ground Up
Imara Jones: The Anti-Trans Hate Machine
Laura & Stephanie Flanders: Sisters Debate the Economic Crisis
The Sierra Club’s Ben Jealous: Parables of Healing for the Environmental Movement
Chuck D & Rosa Clemente: Hip Hop's Unfinished Revolution
Muslim Americans in the Media: From Islamophobia to Power
Cash Relief for Black Moms: The Success of Guaranteed Income
Jumaane Williams & Hell Gate on Rikers: Why is it So Hard to Close a Jail?
Black Maternal Mortality: How Do We Save Black Lives?
America's Drug Price Nightmare: Public Production Can Save Lives
Pride Pioneers Holly Hughes & Esther Newton: How Queer Kinship Ties Help Us Survive
Drag Story Hour Under Attack: What Can Media Do?
Texas Under Siege: Dobbs, Democracy & Bodily Autonomy in the Crosshairs
Kola Nut Timebank: Building Community, One Hour at a Time
Jubilee Justice Regenerative Farming: Tackling Racism with Rice
Anita Cameron & Keith Jones on The Americans with Disabilities Act: A Civil Rights Milestone With Miles To Go
Asian Americans & Anti-Blackness: Truth vs. Fiction on Affirmative Action
Africana & Puerto Rican Studies: A Student-Led Victory for Multicultural Education
Catastrophic Capitalism: Marjorie Kelly & Edgar Villanueva on “Wealth Supremacy”
Naomi Klein: Tackling the “Doppelganger”, Disinformation & Lies
Before the Ground Runs Dry: BIPOC Media on the US Water Crisis
#50YearsOfHarm: Rep. Ro Khanna & Lisa Graves Call Out ALEC / The American Legislative Exchange Council
“Powerlands”: Indigenous Youth Fight Big Oil & Gas Worldwide
Emergent Strategies for Abolition: Andrea J. Ritchie’s Toolkit for Activists
Sonali Kolhatkar: “Rising Up” for Social Justice, With YES! Magazine
Josh Paul’s Breaking Point: Resigns State Dept. Over Arms to Israel
Colette Pichon Battle on Climate Justice Reparations
New Yorkers Welcome Migrants: What’s it Take to Make Sanctuary Real?
BIPOC Media on the Fight for Fair Wages — & Anti-Racist Unions
Prison Creative Arts Project: Imagination in the Face of Incarceration
Power Grids Under Attack: The Threat is Domestic Terrorism – Not Drag Artists
Israel, Hamas & Universal Human Rights: Former UN Official Craig Mokhiber Describes Path Forward
Debt, Democracy & Disarray: Astra Taylor on “The Age of Insecurity”
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