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Dr. Clifford Lane (National Institutes of Health)
Craig McLean (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)
Scott Busby (Department of State)
Rupa Bhattacharyya (Department of Justice)
Mitchell Zeller (Food and Drug Administration)
Suma Nair (Health Resources and Services Administration)
Drs. Anita Patel, Amanda Cohn, David Fitter and the CDC Vaccine Task Force (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
Gary Disbrow, Robert Johnson, Kimberly Armstrong and Rodney Wallace (Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority)
Robert Fenton (Federal Emergency Management Agency)
Dr. Diana Bianchi (National Institutes of Health)
Samantha Sutton (Department of State)
Josh Josa (U.S. Agency for International Development)
Krista Kinnard (Department of Labor)
David Rader (Department of Defense)
Mark Williams (U.S. Department of Agriculture)
Barbara Morton (Department of Veterans Affairs)
Antonio Rios (Department of Labor)
Yolanda López (Voice of America)
Valerie Hasberry, James Kaufmann and Mark Reed (Architect of the Capitol)
Gregory Robinson (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)
Roy Dotson and the CARES Act Team (U.S. Secret Service)
Hila Hanif, Umid Khikmatov and the Afghanistan Policy Team (Department of Defense)
Hilary Ingraham, Holly Herrera, Kiera Berdinner and the Domestic Resettlement Team (Department of State)
Kyle Armstrong (Federal Bureau of Investigation), Chris Janczewski (Internal Revenue Service) and Ryan Landers (Department of Homeland Security)
Jonathan Dworken (U.S. Agency for International Development)
Joseph Poux Jr. (Department of Justice)
Steven Musser (Food and Drug Administration)
Nathan Newbury, Ian Coddington, Kevin Cossel and team (National Institute of Standards and Technology)
Brandon Wales (Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency)
Cindy Newberg (Environmental Protection Agency)
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