News Quiz: Do you know the biggest stories for the week of Jan. 9?

The real estate industry's most powerful executives had a big week — and speaking of "most powerful," Swanepoel's annual list of real estate's most influential personalities was among the biggest splashes of the week.

As we fly full force into the new year, test your knowledge of the biggest real estate stories for the week of Sunday, January 9, 2022.

Name an executive who was not among the Swanepoel 200 most powerful people.
Warren Buffett. Read the story here.
One of the most expensive homes in U.S. history was set to hit the auction block in Bel Air before being delayed this week. Name the property.
The One. Less than a week after announcing plans to auction off the storied property, dubbed ‘The One,’ the luxury auction house marketing the sale has pushed the event back by three weeks. Read the story here.
Before he announced his exit this week as CEO of RE/MAX, Adam Contos espoused the managerial acronym “VUCA,” to help describe and conquer current economic conditions. What does “VUCA” stand for?

Volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. Read the story here.

In an Op-ed on earlier this week, this real estate executive wrote: “the current rule appears to pose unnecessary complications with little to no actual benefit.”
M. Ryan Gorman. After agents responded to Realogy's stance on mandatory commission sharing last week, Realogy Brokerage Group President and CEO M. Ryan Gorman set the record straight in an Op-ed on Monday. Read the story here.
A deadly fire that killed 17 people living in a 19-story apartment building in the Bronx, New York, was sparked by this appliance.
Space heater. A deadly fire sparked by a faulty space heater on Sunday killed 17 people living in a 19-story Bronx apartment building. The fire was the city’s most lethal in more than 30 years. Read the story here.
In his annual letter to clients, Ryan Serhant predicted that eventually half of all homes would be transacted this way.

With cryptocurrency. In a series of bold predictions heading into 2022, celebrity broker Ryan Serhant told clients and colleagues that he believes half of future home transactions could eventually be conducted with crypto technology. Read the story here.

On Wednesday, Keller Williams rolled out a niche referral and training service for real estate agents tailored to what sector?
Sports and entertainment. Keller Williams rolled out a service for agents dubbed KW Sports + Entertainment (KW S+E). Starting Wednesday, affiliates across the globe will have access to training, coaching, marketing and branding, events and referral opportunities to help them better serve the segment. Read the story here.
Tobias Riday-White, an agent with Abio Properties in Oakland, California, drew the attention of animal service workers when his pets escaped from their enclosure last week. What kind of pets was Riday-White caring for before they escaped?
Alpacas. Boogie and Woogie, a pair of Huacaya alpacas belonging to agent Tobias Riday-White, were captured after several hours of roaming through Oakland Hills and a neighboring park when they got loose from their enclosure. Read the story here.
Beside being an agent with Keller Williams, Sang Min Lim has a remarkable side gig, as profiled in a story Thursday on What is it?

The scene opens on a silk nightgown-clad woman, lounging on a bed in a reverie as an electronic beat emerges. Then, enter Sang Min Lim, a suave, attractive young man, who takes her place on the bed, smoothly singing, “I can feel ya, feeling on your energy.” The scene quickly shifts to Lim at a dinner table opposite dancer Dytto (known as “Robo-Babe”), and that’s about all it takes for viewers to become hooked on Lim’s sultry K-Pop style. Read the story here.

On Wednesday, Frank Martell stepped down as CEO of this company.
CoreLogic. Frank Martell has stepped down as CoreLogic CEO, according to a company announcement on Wednesday. Martell will stay with the company as the non-executive Chairman of the Board, while Chief Operating and Growth Officer Patrick Dodd serves as interim president and CEO until the company finds a permanent replacement. Read the story here.
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