Which Species of Macaque Are You?

Take part in this fun quiz to find out which species of macaque you would be!
Which of these would be your go-to movie?
What is your favourite music genre?
What would be your superpower?
What is your favourite hobby?
Which of these would be your ideal type of holiday?
What is your favourite ice cream flavour?
How likely would you be to get into a fist fight?
What is your favourite season?
Which of Snow White's 7 dwarfs would you be?
What book genre is your favourite?
Lion-tailed Macaque

You are a lion-tailed macaque!

Your personality is as wild as your sense of style. Even though your go-to casual outfit is usually black and grey, you still stand out from the crowd and can always be found sporting a whacky rock 'n' roll hair-do. You prefer being in tropical climates and feel most at home when surrounded by green, leafy plants. You're a wicked climber and are always chasing bugs or hunting for juicy fruit trees. Your social group is declining much faster compared to other macaque species, which makes you wary of outsiders, especially people. You're not overly aggressive, but always protect your friends when they are in need.

Image: Edsel Little via Flickr
Long-tailed Macaque

You are a long-tailed macaque!

You are not one to be messed with! You aren't afraid to stick up for yourself and your loved ones. You love to bask on the beach and may be spotted using rocks to eat any crabs that scuttle along the sand. While you are used to living alongside people, they get annoyed when you steal their crops and so aren't always your greatest ally. Your sense of style isn't super out there, but you can sometimes be seen sporting a stylish moustache. If you were in the Olympics you would either be a long-jumper or a gymnast, due to your super long tail giving you amazing balance.

Southern Pig-tailed Macaque
You are a southern pig-tailed macaque!

Some say that you are very attractive, especially when you wear deep red eyeliner, which frames your amber eyes perfectly. While you prefer to keep your feet on the ground, you're also an avid climber and love a good swim! You can usually be found in a large social group, but prefer to spend time with a smaller group of friends and family when it's dinner time! You sport a much shorter tail than most of the other macaque species, which is where you get your name. But this doesn't make you any less agile when searching the rainforest canopy for fruity snacks.
Tibetan Macaque

You are a Tibetan macaque!

You are the largest of the macaque species and one of the fluffiest, making you well adapted to colder temperatures below freezing. Some say that you are one of the cutest macaque species, with your short tail, bushy beard and moustache-like facial fur. However, you always manage to have a slightly unimpressed, grumpy facial expression, whatever the occasion. If you are a female, you also sometimes have a reddish face, which attracts all the boys! You feel most at home when surrounded by mountainous evergreen trees and love to take a nap in a quiet, dark cave. Many years ago, you and your friends wouldn't have come into contact with people very often, but in recent decades, people have been rudely ripping down your favourite trees and hide-out spots.

Bonnet Macaque

You are a bonnet macaque!

Some may say that you're not the most attractive of the macaque species, while others will say that your large ears, hat-like mop of hair and hairless face makes you one of the cutest. You're not usually very defensive and have a more laid-back outlook on life. You are happy on the ground or up in the trees and are impartial to a jolly nice swim. When you're roaming around the forests, you sometimes bump into rhesus macaques, who aren't your greatest friends. The pesky rhesus's often steal your favourite fruity or nutty snacks before you get chance to take your pick, making them one of your main competitors. You're a cheeky monkey and often get yourself into trouble with the local people, for stealing food from their fields and sometimes even their houses!

Crested Macaque

You are a crested macaque!

You are one of the most easily identifiable macaques, with your completely black fur and punk-rocker mohawk hair-do. Think The Sex Pistols meets Green Day! To local people you are known as "Yaki". You're most comfortable with your feet on the ground but love to take a nap in your favourite tree. Unfortunately, you are the most endangered macaque species. You're not the most street-wise and often have no fear of people, so you are easily caught and can even be eaten! However, in recent years people have begun to understand and respect you a bit better.