The best subscription for me

I know... we have so many options! But thats only because we want you to get exactly what you need, and spend only what you have to, to get it.

So if you're not quite sure if you need to go all in? Or feel like you don't really need access to ALL our courses but want the best value for your money? Take this quiz.
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Where are you in your training?
Do you need access to our clinical courses?
How many clinical exam crams do you need access to? Not sure what a clinical exam cram is? Head back to our site for more info!
How many clinical study packs do you want access to? Not sure what a clinical study pack is? Head back to our site for more info!
How many weekenders do you plan on attending? We will be running one medical, one surgical and one specialties weekender. Not sure what a clinical weekender is? Head back to our site for more info!
Need access to a question bank?
Go all in
You either want to access quite a few of our exam crams/study packs, or have selected to go to a weekender, or want a bit of everything we offer, meaning that when you add everything up, the best value for money would be going all in.

Don't forget going all in gives you free access to one weekender, and £9.99 for any subsequent weekenders. It also gives you access to all exam crams, and all study packs.

Even better? Be one of the first 100 to buy by the 10th October, and stand the chance to win all your money back. You don't need luck, just commitment, attend 90% of all exam crams, and attend our weekender, actively engage in polls, submit feedback for each attended... and we will give you all your money back in July 2022!

Still can't afford it? Contact us at lets talk
Get our essential membership and buy the extras individually
It looks like you'd benefit from being able to access all our courses, or getting the great discounts that come with being an essential member.

Going essential means you get exam crams for £2.99 rather than £4.99
And study packs for £1.50 rather than £3.00
And weekenders for £19.99 rather than £29.99

All for only £15 per year. But not only this, the £15 per year gives you access to all our clinical knowledge material!

Tiny disclaimer... if the number of exam crams or study packs in more toward the higher end of the range e.g. you selected 6-10 exam crams but you want to attend 10. It may be worth considering upgrading to an all in membership, as you might not be saving that much depending on what you select, and for the extra couple of quid, it might be worth the flex of going all in, but the choice is yours!
Make a free account and stick to individual purchases for now
Our free account gives you access to all our OSCE materials, and all our pre-clinical materials. Fancy attending a LIVE clinical event, weekender, or accessing clinical study packs, simply purchase them on a needs basis. Whilst we don't like to recommend this option, as it means ultimately you're spending more for less, we understand its handy to have it available if you're only really looking for one or two things from us.

Please do look at our other membership options as we have so much to offer for such great value!

If you are in your preclinical years and money is tight, there is no need to purchase any of our memberships, all the charged content is specific to clinical year students! Unless you are super curious, keen to support us, or fancy getting ahead of the game, save your pennies, treat yourself to something non-medical for once and come back to us when you need us... we will still be here.

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