Summer Reading Quiz: Find the Perfect Book to Fit Your Summer Plans!

Tell us your favorite summer activity, and where you like to read. We'll give you a great list of books that match your summer plans!
How much free time do you have this summer?
Pick a meal
Pick a Sunset
Pick a city to vist
Pick an outfit
Where are you reading?
Whether you're watching on TV or from behind home plate, cheering the Nationals or the neighborhood kids, your summer calendar is filled with ball games!
Image: Edsel Little via Flickr
This summer you have plans to get your hands dirty and add some more green to Arlington! You're looking for books with practical tips, inspiration, or something to relax with after a day in the sun.

Dinner Party Host
You can't wait to have people over this summer for an outdoor drink or dinner! You're looking for books to help you fire up the grill for a classic barbecue or throw the ultimate garden party.

Maritime Pastimes
This summer will find you on the sand or the waves - you're happiest when you're in the surf! From romantic hijinks to true stories of survival, you're looking for the perfect beach book.