What Fashion Style Suits you Best?

Are you trendy, grungy, or artsy? Do you prefer vintage clothes or the latest trends? Take this quiz to find your fashion style.
Find your style!
How would you describe yourself?
How often do you shop for new clothes?
The colors of most of your clothes are...
What’s your favorite type of clothing?
How do you feel about thrift stores?
How do you feel about fashion trends?
What cut of jeans is your go-to?
Your favorite type of shoes is…
If you had to wear leather, which leather item would you prefer?
Bold prints are…

You're definitely a streetwear person! You have a cool style that draws influence from hip-hop, haute couture and skate culture. It’s not an easy style to pull off and is only for the daring and brave at heart.

Your fashion style is boho-chic. You like that special mix of bohemian and hippie, which is categorized by floaty skirts and dresses, crochet and embroidery. It’s a style meant for those who don’t comply to society’s rules.
Your fashion style is casual. It’s easy, spontaneous, and most of all, comfortable. Sometimes called leisurewear, this relaxed style can be very stylish. It’s a style for those who are more concerned with how they feel than how they look.

Your fashion style is classic. You prefer items that are elegant and timeless; clothes that have simple yet tailored cuts and silhouettes. You have an impeccable eye for fashion.