Have you had (received or given) some version of 'The Talk'?

Are you having 'The Talk' with your real estate clients? Yes, sadly this is a thing.

If fair housing was realized in every single transaction, then we could easily say to home sellers, just take the 'best' offer. But, the U.S. real estate industry (from home buying and selling to appraisals to mortgages) has a LONG history of unfair practices that fall along racial lines.

In sum, particularly in this day and age, someone’s subjective opinion of “the best” offer may actually perpetuate unfair housing -- even if unintentionally -- unless we are teaching them these underlying and impactful realities. We (as Anti-Racist Real Estate Pros) have the expertise to interrupt such practices -- it's our superpower!

Therefore, let’s continue to call out areas that need change but in the meanwhile, let's have 'The Talk’ so clients -- of all races -- are aware and better prepared to navigate current market realities. ⁣
Yes! I have given or received it and I am a Person of Color (POC).
Yes! I have given or received it and I am a white person.
Sort of... I'm not really sure.
No. Should I start having this conversation?
No. I didn't know this was a thing, but I will start!