Only A True Fan Of 'Bigg Boss' Can Score 100%

Are you ready for this Ultimate 'Bigg Boss' Quiz? See if you are a true fan!
let's go!
Who among the following has never hosted Bigg Boss?
Who among the following is not a Bigg Boss winner?
Which contestant said the iconic dialogue, "Badi badi baatein, aur vada pao khaate".
Na Bigg Boss chahte the, na housemates chahte the, or na audience chahti thi. Still, Swami Om threw something on other contestants during a task. What did he throw?
Which of the following was a task on Bigg Boss?
Please complete this epic statement by Pooja Misra, "Cause you're asking for it, ______, ______."
igg Boss is famous for its fights, but at times (more like all the time), things went a little too far and contestants were asked to leave the show. Who, among the following, was kicked off from the show for fighting?
It's not all anger issues in the house. Romance has bloomed in the Bigg Boss house too. Select the duo who apparently, fell in love during their time in the Bigg Boss house:
Which of the following Bigg Boss contestants has not been a part of another reality show as well?
Bigg Boss has also hosted international contestants. Who, among the following, was an international contestant on the show?
Which of the following is not an iconic dialogue from the show?
What statement did Salman Khan use to sign off from the show?
Did you even watch the show?
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