Do You Actually Like Receiving Dick Pics?

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Ah, dick pics, the love letter of our age. Instead of bouquets and chocolates, we have a blurry underlit snapshot of a semi-erect penis as a token of the admiration of our gentleman callers. But, hang on... does anyone actually enjoy dick pics? Or is the thrill only for the sender who gets off an exposing himself? Take our poll and let's see what the situation is.
No, stop sending me dick pics
If it's my husband or boyfriend, then sure it's nice to know he's thinking of me
I like dick pics as long as they're not unsolicited
I like dick pics as long as they're well-composed and well lit
I much prefer full-body nudes to close-up dick pics
I like dick pics only if it's a nice cock
Generally speaking, I enjoy getting a dick pic, yes
I love all dick pics