What is your road trip role?

It's not just the person driving who is essential on a road trip, everyone has an important role to play on a road trip! Find out yours...
Do you easily get car sick?
Do you have any sense of direction
Do you prefer to sit in the front or the back of the car?
Are you well organized?
Do you think more about yourself or others?
Do you like to take the lead?
Are you a fussy eater?
The snack master
Everybody knows that having the right snacks on a road trip can be the make or break of a long journey! You know just how to hit the mark and keep the passengers fueled up for the drive!
The DJ
In a car full of people, picking the right music to meet everyone's taste can be tricky, but this is your bread and butter! You are able to queue up banger after banger and get the whole car singing along!
The navigator
An often-overlooked role, but without you, who knows where you would end up? You're able to think on your feet and can find your way around any traffic and road closures to you are just a joke!
The driver
Someone has to steer the ship, and that person is you! When the music is playing, the snacks are being passed about you are able to keep your focus and get everyone to their destination safely.