I don't need confrontation.
I lie a lot and I just can't control the lies… they just spill out.
I cried last week.
I am proud of my working-class roots.
I voted to stay.
I think Angelina is very sexy but I would take Brad Pitt to bed instead.
I am really good at football?
I have a boyfriend, but also I have had sexual encounters with women.
I fart and burp quite a lot.
I am a Christian and believes God is pure and perfect.
I have started to act tough, by play fighting…
I have stolen money, only because it fits my moral code.
I am bisexual.
I am an immigrant.
I find it hard to forgive and forget.
I drunk alcohol to get to sleep and posted smiley face on Instagram.
You got {number correct}/{number of questions} correct answers about me...