Are You A Coffee Expert?

To some people, coffee is just a warm drink to accompany their dessert at a cafe. To others, it's an essential part of life. What about you? are you an occasional coffee sipper or a coffee fanatic? Take this quiz to test your coffee knowledge.
Take a sip!
Where was coffee discovered?

Science suggests that the first coffee plants grew in the Kaffa region of central Ethiopia.

Which country produces about 40% of the world’s coffee?

Brazil’s leading coffee production is mainly due to the large areas of land dedicated to growing the plant.

Which country drinks the most coffee, per capita?

The average person in Finland drinks 12.5 kilograms per person, which is nearly three times the average American.

What do coffee beans grow on?

The coffee plant is a bush or small tree native to the tropical areas of Africa and Asia.

Along with Hawaii, what other US state produces coffee?

In addition to the two states, coffee is also grown in the American territory of Puerto Rico.

The world’s most expensive coffee is called…

Kopi Luwak can go for $600 a pound. It’s made from coffee beans that have been eaten then excreted by a wild cat.

A typical shot of espresso usually has…

An espresso is thicker than the usual coffee drink and has a warm-honey consistency.

What kind of coffee dessert is made using ice cream?

The word “affogato” is Italian for drowned, which is what happens to the scoop of vanilla ice cream when the warm shot of espresso is added to it. Yum!

Adding hot water to an espresso makes a/an…

Americano was invented by US soldiers stationed in Italy during WWII. They wanted to make the strong Italian espresso taste more like the coffee they were used to.

Which ingredient isn’t usually found in a cappuccino?

While whipped cream can be added as a topping, it isn’t a necessary ingredient.

You're A Coffee Apprentice! You got {percent correct}%!
Unfortunately, you're not the most knowledgeable in the coffee department. The great news is that all you need to do is some reading (and tasting). It's time to wake up and smell the coffee.
You're a Coffee Expert! You got {percent correct}%!
Coffee definitely brings joy to your life. The aroma, the taste, the prestige... but there's even more to coffee culture than you think.
You're Cuckoo for Coffee! You got {percent correct}%!
It's safe to say that your coffee knowledge is out of this world! You know so much that your local barista is probably intimidated by you. It's clear that you love coffee and coffee loves you back.