Western State Challenge!

Level 2 players: Let's see what you know about ALL the states!
Both California and Oregon have capitals that begin with S, but which state was 33rd in statehood?
California: 31st
Oregon: 33rd
Which STATE is 1st alphabetically?
Carolina comes before Dakota if you take the "North" off of both. So Map 2, North Carolina is first alphabetically.

Which is the Land of 10,000 Lakes?
Michigan is the Great Lake State, but Minnesota is the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

So Minnesota is correct here.

Colorado is shown here. Does it border Texas?
Very close, but Oklahoma cuts it off -- so the answer is NO!
Which state's CAPITAL is first alphabetically?
Maryland (Map 1) and New York (Map 2) both have capitals that begin with A. Remember that Albany is the very 1st capital alphabetically so if you ever see New York and you're sorting by capital, you know New York is first!

Albany, NY
Annapolis, MD
Which state is 13th in Statehood?
Rhode Island was the last of the 13 colonies to ratify the Constitution -- so it was the 13th state to enter the Union.
Do you know which is the Last Frontier State?
If Washington, D.C. becomes the 51st state, where would it rank in size?
It would be the smallest state. Rhode Island would still be 50th in size, but it would no longer be the smallest state.
Which state's CAPITAL is 1st alphabetically?
Phoenix (Arizona - Map 1) comes before Pierre (South Dakota - Map 2). Phoenix sounds like it begins with F, so don't get confused by that.
Which STATE is first alphabetically?
Alabama (Map 2) comes before Arkansas (Map 1).
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