Spring Tournament of Champions Dashing States!

These questions will help you get ready for the Spring GeoPlunge Tournament!
Is the state in red Kentucky or Tennessee?
Which has a capital that begins with R and borders Washington, D.C.?
Both have capitals that begin with R, but of the choices given, only Virginia borders Washington, D.C.

Map 1: Raleigh, North Carolina
Map 2: Richmond, Virginia
Is the state in red Massachusetts or Connecticut?
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Massachusetts is north of Connecticut (higher up on the map). Massachusetts borders both Vermont and New Hampshire.
Wisconsin is shown in red here. Does it border Michigan?
The little tan part at the top of Wisconsin is Michigan!
Which is first alphabetically?
Colorado (Map 1) comes before Connecticut (Map 2)
New York is shown in red. Does it border Ohio?
No. They are pretty close, but Pennsylvania is between them.
Lincoln is the capital of which state?
All 3 states have capitals that begin with L but Lincoln is the capital of Nebraska (Map 2)

Does Vermont border Maine?
Maine has only ONE border state. It is New Hampshire -- NOT Vermont!
Which is first alphabetically?
New Mexico comes before New York.

Remember the tip. When you are putting any of the 4 states that begin with NEW in alphabetical order, take the "New" off and then it's easy.

Mexico comes before York!
Which comes first alphabetically?
West Virginia (Map 2) comes before Wisconsin (Map 1)
Want to give it another go?
Thanks for playing this Spring! We'll be putting up new questions all summer.