QUIZ: Which Netflix’s ‘Shadow and Bone’ Character Are You?

How would you describe yourself?
If you were a Grisha, what kind would you be?
Where would you live?
Which character are you crushing on in the Grishaverse?
Which character would you trust with a secret?
What color would you choose?
What’s your biggest fear?
What kind of non-Grishaverse power do you want?
Alina Starkov
Alina (Jessie Mei Li) is the star of the show — or more like, the sun. She values her friends so much that she suppressed her powers for nearly her whole life just to stay with her best friend Mal — now that's loyalty! She can be a little gullible and clueless at times, but she’s also determined and feisty and still struggling to understand what she really wants. When she stops denying her power and accepts that hidden part of herself, she becomes more confident, seeming to understand herself better.
Malyen Oretsev
Mal (Archie Renaux) is a talented tracker and every childhood-friend-character dream come to life: handsome, funny, loyal, good with people, and surrounded by many friends. Some may think he’s extremely dedicated to his lifelong friend Alina to a fault, that he forgets to care for himself. And that may be true, but he did tell her she doesn’t “owe [him] an explanation” and he “just want[s] to keep [her] safe.”
General Kirigan or the Darkling
Kirigan (Ben Barnes) is an extremely handsome and charming person who can capture your attention with just a single look. He’s ambitious and driven, and he won’t stop for anything as long as he can make his dreams come to fruition. He’s a little power-hungry and manipulative, but he always says he just wants the best for his people, the Grisha.
Kaz Brekker
Kaz (Freddy Carter) is the leader of the Dregs. He’s willing to do any job as long as it pays good money. He could be a little cold-hearted and ruthless, but his quick wit and intellect always lets him and his gang to escape any situation. He’s always calm and collected in any situation — unless those he cares for are in danger.
Inej Ghafa
Inej (Amita Suman) is a talented spy, nicknamed The Wraith, with a wide range of abilities from knife-throwing to acrobatic feats. She is quiet and reserved, but she would speak up whenever she feels the need to. And her convictions are strong — she will stand for whatever she believes in.
Jesper Fahey
Jesper (Kit Young) is a skilled sharpshooter with a chronic gambling addiction, some recklessness, and a lot of sass. He brings much hilarity to the otherwise serious moments in the show just by flirting with men and getting extremely distracted with bets and all his witty quips. We love him anyway.