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Kerala is known as ‘The Land of Spices’, with one particular spice – dubbed ‘black gold’ – the most celebrated of all. What is it?
Which of the following is NOT an Indian bread?
If you order this at a street cart in Mumbai, you’ll get...
‘Chaat’ is derived from the Hindi word ‘chaatna’, meaning ‘to lick’. What finger-licking category of food does it refer to?
Outside of India, paneer – or fresh cow’s milk cheese – is best known in combination with:
This soft, spongy and savoury snack is found all over Gujarat. It’s made of a mixture of rice and urad dal. What’s the name?
From the coastal area around Mangalore in the state of Karnataka come multiple dishes made with a technique called ‘ghee roast’ (spices cooked in ghee). What is ghee?
Goan cuisine is known for its abundance of fresh seafood, but spicy dishes featuring pork can be found as well. What’s the most famous one, derived from Portuguese cuisine?
What deep-fried snack is pictured here?
What is the quintessential ingredient of Bengali cuisine?
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