How Good Are You At Spotting Deepfakes?

Can you believe your eyes?

Deepfakes are videos, images, and audio that use artificial intelligence (AI) to create false evidence of people saying or doing things that they actually didn’t do.
Some of these images are real, some are deepfakes.

Can you separate fact from fiction?
Which photo is fake?
North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un never met Elvis.
Is this video of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) a deepfake?
Video of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi - slowed down to make her sound sluggish and slurred - continues to be shared on social media.
What about this video of Obama: Real or Deepfake?
Filmmaker Jordan Peele and BuzzFeed teamed up to make the above PSA about the dangers of deepfakes.
Ok, what about this Nixon: real or deepfake?
MIT's Center for Advanced Virtuality created the very-real-looking fake news conference.
Which Ronald Reagan is real?
I've had to double- and triple-check I chose the correct answer.
The footage on the left was altered with a form of facial reenactment called "Deep Video Portraits."
Who won the Golden Globe: Jennifer Lawrence or Steve Buscemi?
Steve Buscemi did NOT win a Golden Globe then accept the award wearing a dress and mimicking Jennifer Lawrence's voice.
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We get it. Spotting deepfakes isn't easy. But now you know what to look for.
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Not bad! Certainly no Shallowfakes would trick you.
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Do you work for the CIA? Amazing id'ing of deepfakes.