What Kind Of Entrepreneur Are You?

Find out exactly what your leadership style is, and what kind of business person you are. Simply pick the options most appealing to you and we will tell you your entrepreneurship style.

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What word best describes your QNET journey?
Which of these predictions of your future speak to you the most?
You’ve been given $5000 by a genie. Which of these would you do?
Your theme song as an entrepreneur is…
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The best part of QNET is…
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You are Independent. You are Flexible. You are a Freedom Seeker!

You take big risks and leaps of faith. You are happy to lay it all on the line in pursuit of bigger things. You refused to sit quietly in your office cubicle. You have a dream and you will stop at nothing to make it a reality.

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You are Optimistic. You Are Motivated. You are a Passionate Creator!

You are a self-starter who is not overly cautious. You know what needs to be done and you will do it. Your interests are varied as are your ambitions and dreams. You see possibilities and opportunities everywhere. You thrive when you are creating something of your own.

You are Tenacious. You Are Determined. You are a Survivor!

You don’t care about rejections or limitations. Your goals are stronger than a ‘no.’ Whatever challenges come your way, you forge your own path, you learn from your mistakes, and you grow, grow, grow. Your success is your own making.

You are Ethical. You are Practical. You are a Legacy Builder!

You find motivation in ideas that are bigger than yourself. You want to build something you can leave behind and call your own. You work towards long-term successes that will help your children and community long after you are gone.