Know Your Early Presidents

Are you a President whiz!
How many Presidents were there from the Federalist party?
Only 1: John Adams
What political party was John Quincy Adams from?
Don't get John Adams and John Quincy Adams confused. John was John Quincy's dad.

#2 John Adams: Federalist
#6 John Quincy Adams (we call him JQ): Democratic-Republican
Were any of the first 15 Presidents from the Republican party?
Lincoln was the 1st Republican president and he was #16. There will be no Republican presidents in week #1 of the tournament.
Who was the 1st president to have a partial term?
William Henry Harrison was the 9th President. He died after only being President for 1 month. When he died, his Vice President, John Tyler, became the 10th President.

Before William Henry Harrison, every president served at least 1 full term.
Who served first: John Tyler or Zachary Taylor?
It is so easy to get these two confused. Both were Whigs. Both served only partial terms.

#10 John Tyler - took over after William Henry Harrison died
#12 Zachary Taylor - died in office after just 1 year and 4 months
Who was Zachary Taylor's Vice President?
Millard Fillmore was Zachary Taylor's Vice President. When Taylor died, Fillmore became the 13th President.

Fillmore was the last Whig President. After 13, there were no more Whig Presidents.
How many of the 1st 15 presidents were from the Democratic Party?
#7 Andrew Jackson
#8 Martin Van Buren
#11 James Polk
#14: Franklin Pierce
#15 James Buchanan

Of these, only Jackson served 2 terms. Each of the others served 1 full term.
How many of the 1st 15 presidents served partial terms?
#9: William Henry Harrison
#10: John Tyler
#12: Zachary Taylor
#13: Millard Fillmore

All 4 were Whigs. Of the 1st 15 presidents only Whigs served partial terms -- and ALL four them did!
Which of these Presidents from the Democratic party served 2 full terms?
Of the first 15 Presidents, 5 were from the Democratic party. Only ONE, Andrew Jackson, served 2 full terms. The other 4 all served 1 full term.
Which James was President first?
#4: Madison
#5: Monroe

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