Spring Tournament Dashing States in the Eastern Time Zone!

These questions will help you get ready for the Spring GeoPlunge Tournament!
Is the state in red Ohio or West Virginia?
Which is first alphabetically?
There are 3 states that start with "New" in the Eastern Time Zone. Some of you will see this question so know the order!

New Hampshire (Map 1)
New Jersey (Map 2)
New York (Map 3)
Is the state in red North Carolina or Virginia?
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These two states look alike and both border the Atlantic Ocean, but North Carolina is below Virginia on the map!
Maine is pictured in red. It has only 1 border state. Which is the ONLY state that borders Maine?
There are 3 states that begin with "Ma" in the Eastern Time Zone. Which is 1st alphabetically?
No matter which level you are playing, you will see some of these!

Maine (Map 3)
Maryland (Map 2)
Massachusetts (Map 1)
Which one is New Jersey?
Map 1 is Delaware
Map 2 is New Jersey
What state is the state in red?
It is Rhode Island, which is the smallest state (it ranks 50th in size). Rhode Island has only 2 border states: Massachusetts (on top) and Connecticut.
Which of these is 1st alphabetically?
Vermont (Map 2)
Virginia (Map 3)
West Virginia (Map 1)
Is this state Connecticut or Massachusetts?
Massachusetts is the state right above Connecticut (and Rhode Island).
What state is this?