What should be your next car based on your driving style?

What kind of driver are you, and what does it mean for your next car?! Answer these questions all about how you drive (even if you're still learning) and we'll tell you what your next car should be!

This quiz is just for fun and should not be taken as advice.
How would your friends and family describe your driving style?
How many times did it take you to pass your driving test?
How long ago did you pass your driving test?
You're going on a roadtrip - what's your playlist of choice?
What are you feelings towards a parallel park?
Is fuel efficiency one of your priorities?
Do you prefer driving alone or with a companion?
Ford Fiesta
The Ford Fiesta has been celebrated as being Britain's best top-selling car of all time and your driving style means this is the perfect next car for you!
Ferrari F8 Spider
You're a cool and calm driver, who loves to take a walk on the wild side which is why your next car should be the Ferrari F8 Spider - all you need to do is choose your favourite colour (and figure out how you're gonna pay for it!)
Fiat 500
As you're pretty new to the roads, you're going to want something that's easy to handle and makes light work on parking. That's why your next car should be the new Fiat 500 Hybrid!
Nissan Juke
You're a sophisticated and experienced driver who knows what they want in a car. This sporty and stylish number suits you down to the ground!
Ford Focus
The Ford Focus is the best selling hatchback in the UK and based on how you drive, seems perfect for you! It's an all-rounder and will keep you going with whatever life throws your way!
Morris Minor
Buckle up, this one's for you! Your friends might not think you're a great driver, and you may be a tad on the slow side when you're driving but hey! Now we're not telling you to break the speed limit, but if you're going to drive slowly - do it in classic style!
Vauxhall Corsa
Looks like you're just getting used to the roads which means the new Vauxhall Corsa is the perfect next car for you! This car will take you from 'nervous new driver' to 'confident car owner' before you know it.
Nissan GT-R
Good drivers deserve good cars, which is why we think your next car should be the Nissan GT-R (in Orange!) With innovative technology, premium comfort and exquisite performance, there's nothing more you could want in a car!