Key Risk Indicators Quiz

Test your knowledge on KRI’s with our quiz. The following 10 questions are samples of topics covered in our KRI training course. You must submit your email address at the end of the quiz to find out your results.
Using the International Standard risk management process as baseline, which process section would KRIs belong to?
What are KRIs (choose the best answer)?
Which one of the following is primarily a Key Risk Indicator?
Which of the following could be considered a good use of a KRI (select the best answer)?
What do lagging indicators measure (select two)?
The most important thing for most organisations is that KRIs inform about:
The best way to create a KRI dashboard is:
Which one of these is NOT a useful source of potential KRIs within typical organisations?
Every KRI must have which of the following (choose the best answer):
Which of the following statements about KRIs are NOT true (choose one)?

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