Which Titan Power Do You Deserve to Inherit?

Inheritors of the Nine Titans only have 13 years to live once they acquire the power. This is why candidates are selected to pass it down. If you lived in the fictional world of Attack on Titan, which titan are you most likely to inherit?
Give me that titan spinal fluid!
Pick a trio to be your squadmates during a titan attack.
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According to your friends, which of these best describe you?
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The wall is breached! Quick, what are you going to do first?
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Thoughts on the fact that you have to eat someone else in order to inherit their titan?
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Your leader has just been eaten by an abnormal titan. What will you do?
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You just found out your friend is a titan. What are you going to do?
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You're at war. What task will your commander assign you?
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Lastly, the enemy just caught you and is about to execute you. What's your plan of action?
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Founding Titan
Congratulations, you got the Founding Titan!

There must be something extra special in you since you're about to inherit arguably the strongest titan of all. The Founding Titan is sought for its Scream which can control other titans, alter their memories, and change their body composition. It's also hailed as the Coordinate since it's where the paths of all Subjects of Ymir and Titans cross.

You've got to eat Eren Yeager first to inherit this titan. Yeah, good luck with that.
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Attack Titan
Congratulations, you got the Attack Titan!

You're as rash, hard-headed, and impulsive as Eren Yeager but you also walk with a purpose. As Attack Titan, you have the ability to look into the memories of past and future inheritors. But just like Eren, you are also passionate and determined to protect those you love.
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Colossus Titan
Congratulations, you got the Colossus Titan!

We're going by the manga here so yes, it's named Colossus Titan. Although you might be brave and determined when it comes to fulfilling your duties, you're still prone to self-esteem issues. You keep the team in check when everything is too heated (pun intended). The Colossus Titan is a cool one to inherit due to its sheer size that's almost 200 feet!
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Female Titan
Congratulations, you got the Female Titan!

You're tenacious and hard-headed, you like to keep to yourself. As Female Titan, you've got a range of abilities at your disposal. You can selectively harden parts of your skin, mimic the attributes of the other titans, and call Pure Titans with a scream.

In order to be as awesome as Annie Leonhart, we have to tell you you should probably learn martial arts first.
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Armored Titan
Congratulations, you got the Armored Titan!

You are headstrong, decisive, and assertive. You are also brave and wise just like Reiner Braun (or Laynaaaa as people call him) although his wisdom does not come without a price. As Armored Titan you've got armored plates of skin on your body that are so tough it can destroy the thickest walls and gates.

If you want this titan, you're up against Gabi Braun as a candidate to inherit it. All I can say is good luck.
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Beast Titan
Congratulations, you got the Beast Titan!

You're a natural leader and you've always got a plan brewing. Aside from being stupidly big, the Beast Titan is bestowed with powerful throwing abilities that put your local baseball team to shame.

Go ahead and pester Zeke Yeager to show you all the secrets of the Beast Titan before his time runs out. (No spoilers here).
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Jaw Titan
Congratulations! You got the Jaw Titan.

You are fierce, bold, and brave just like those who inherited the Jaw Titan before you. You won't hesitate to attack your enemies and you've got the guns to do it too. The Jaw Titan is the swiftest titan. It possesses powerful jaws and claws that can cut through anything -- even hardened titan skin.

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Cart Titan
Congratulations! You got the Cart Titan.

You're an intelligent and cunning titan candidate. You also got the short end of the stick when it comes to cool visuals but make no mistake, the Cart Titan is as badass as the rest of them. It's wicked fast and has a strong endurance to boot. It can also carry supplies of Mass Destruction so it's double the deadliness.
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War Hammer Titan
Congratulations! You got the War Hammer Titan.

You possess the ability to create structures such as hammers, huge spikes, and crossbows from your hardened titan flesh. Your enemies will come for your nape but surprise, you can also encase yourself in hardening crystal and operate your titan remotely. How cool is that?

The Tybur family, who has been in possession of the powerful titan for generations, must be proud knowing you can continue their legacy (as long as you're not Eren).
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