What motivates you to train?

Each of us practices sports for a slightly different purpose. Some people are driven by competition, for others personal development or well-being are the driving force behind action.

Take the quiz to find out which type of sport motivatiob is the most important for you and what could it mean.

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Do you like being in this situation?
The weekend is coming and the weather is beautiful! How will you spend your time?
Which quote best describes your approach to sport:
Do you like to indulge in a cheat meal after a hard workout?
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You have been experiencing a decline in form for several months. How difficult is this experience for you?
Do you take care of your weight and body parameters?
Your workouts have bored you. What are you doing?
You're going in a group, someone suggests racing on the board uphill. How are you reacting?
Your friend, with whom you train often, won an important competition, which you have never managed to do. How are you reacting?
If you had unlimited time and budget for training and sports trips, what would you use it for:
Your Result: Self Development

You play sports because you want to be the best possible in every area of ​​your life. Every day you adhere to the principle: "if you do something, do it best as you can". You are most motivated by your own progress, when you improve the average speed on your favorite route, do PR on the Strava segment or improve the time of a hard route in a race by several %.

You get on your bike or wear running shoes because you take care of your body and mind. You like to get tired and see tangible results.

Workouts containing specific tasks and a well-thought structure will be good for you, so that you can see your progress in the long term, gain satisfaction from everyday workouts and do not feel bored with routine.

Your Result: Rivalry
First place, podium and competition - this is what turns you on the most in sports. You go out to training because you want to finally break off your friend while riding in a group or on a local race. After training, you are checkings your results on Strava to see which place you took this time on your favorite segments. You can bite the steering wheel and ride above your limits, but only if you have a competing partner next to (or virtually). Winning is the essence of sport for you and each time it gives you strength to face everyday challenges - you become a stronger person.
The dark side of this motivation is the fact that we recognize each loss as a personal, severe failure that spoils our mood. Sometimes it's worth taking a look at the competition from a distance and enjoying the sport itself, and then returning to the competition that drives you.
You need a complex training plan which is mixing workouts which makes you even stronger with those one made for beating your best PRs, riding in a group of friends or just do favourite loop as fast as you can.
Your Result: Good feeling

You are going out for a bike, swimming or jogging session because you want to feel good. Even if you do not feel well before training, you know that after training you will be bursting with energy. This is what motivates you the most to reach for a bike or running shoes. It is often associated with keeping a good body shape and reluctance to the appearance of folds on the abdomen.

Varied trainings, awareness that someone is watching what you are doing, mental support - all this will help you feel even better more often.