What level of notoriety do you look for in the cases profiled in your favorite true crime podcasts?
Which type of true crime podcast topics do you enjoy the most?
How long do you prefer your podcast episodes to be?
Which episode would you listen to first?
Which mega true crime podcast do you already love?
True Crime Fan Club
From the host: "A glimpse into the life and crimes of some of the most evil minds. You will not want to miss an episode!"

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True Crime South Africa
From the host: "True Crime South Africa covers solved and unsolved South African true crime cases in both full case episodes and minisodes every other Friday."

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Murderific True Crime
From the host: "We have everything a true crime connoisseur would want. Cases include local and worldwide, lesser known cases, serial killers, the missing, mass murders and domestic abuse."

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Always Time For True Crime
From the host: "A podcast that's all about the lesser known cases of murder, missing person cases, and serial killers"

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