QUIZ: If You Lived in Paradis, Which 'Attack on Titan' Character Would Be Your Best Buddy?

How would you describe yourself?
If you lived in Paradis, where would your house be?
What group would you join?
What do you think about people who can shift into titans?
If you could transform into a titan, what would you be?
Would you follow commands without questioning them?
People around you usually question your…
Are you a leader or a follower?
Losing his family to the fall of Wall Maria, Eren Yeager is a strong-willed, passionate, and impulsive individual hell bent on protecting mankind and escaping the walls that have imprisoned him his whole life. You’d have to watch his back all the time, because he dives recklessly into trouble in the name of saving lives and protecting friends.
Loyal to an unnerving fault, Mikasa Ackerman looks emotionally withdrawn on the surface, but she cares deeply for friends and loved ones. When she feels that any of her friends are threatened, she becomes undeniably dangerous to the point that she intimidates even her comrades. So you better be careful around her friends, especially Eren, when she’s around.
Known for his intelligence and strategic genius, Armin Arlert is a naturally curious individual who longs to see the world beyond the Walls. He always assesses situations through careful eyes, so you’d be sure to know all options available before he makes a move, even if it’s the most unlikely. But despite his analytical mind, Armin is also very empathetic, able to emotionally connect with comrades and enemies alike.
Famously known as humanity’s strongest soldier, Levi Ackerman often gives a cold impression to others, rarely showing emotion and always blunt with a dash of dark humor. He only follows the orders of people he respects such as Erwin Smith. Levi is also described as a “clean freak” so be ready to scrub and sweep a lot when you’re with him during downtime.
A blunt and pragmatic guy, Jean Kirstein doesn’t hold bars back when speaking his mind, even if he knows it would lead to conflict. During his youth, he was often hot-tempered, but he has always displayed a natural inclination towards leadership. Despite his seemingly self-centered personality, Jean values others’ lives before his own.