Herald afternoon quiz: January 25

Test your brains with the Herald's afternoon quiz.
What country does the dish poutine originate from?
What song won Lorde two Grammy awards in 2014?
Roughly how long does it take for the sun’s light to reach Earth?
In what year was the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) first released?
The Hindu festival Holi celebrates the arrival of what season?
Who was the highest paid actress of 2020, according to Forbes magazine?
What country is home to the largest ice sheet in the northern hemisphere?
Which American depression-era gangster received plastic surgery to evade the police?
Who starred as Jim Carroll in the 1995 biographical film The Basketball Diaries?
Which ancient civilization made paper from papyrus plants?
Better luck next time. We hope you have learnt something new today.
Well done. We hope you have also learnt something new today.