Herald: afternoon quiz: January 24

Test your brains out with the Herald's afternoon quiz.
"Yasou" is "hello" in which language?
Morrissey came to prominence as the frontman of what British band?
Tui beer has been brewed in Mangatainoka since which year?
What is the (linear) distance around a circle called?
Which of these countries has a star on its national flag?
Ihu Karaiti is the Māori word for whom?
Let's Dance was a 1983 album by what singer?
What was the famous alter ego of New Zealand actress Ginette McDonald?
The Aleutian Islands lie in the northern part of which ocean?
Who is the current Minister of Finance?
Better luck time. We hope you have learnt something new today!
Well done. We hope you have also learnt something new today.