Let's See How Ready You Are To Identify States for the Tournament of Champions!

Dashing States in the United States!
Which of the states below does not border the District of Columbia?
Which one of these is first alpahbetically?
Mississippi (map 2) comes before Missouri (map 1)

Guarantee: you are going to see this one!
Which Dakota borders Wyoming?
South Dakota does, but North Dakota does not!
How many states border California?
Only Oregon, Nevada and Arizona border California.
Which is first alphabetically?
New Jersey comes before New York.

Remember there are 4 states that begin with New and you should probably know them in alphabetical order.

New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York
Which one of these states is Indiana?
Is this Kentucky or Tennessee?
Is the state in red Delaware or New Jersey?
Which of these is first alphabetically?
Michigan is before Minnesota.
Which of the states below is Alabama?
Map 1: Mississippi
Map 2: Alabama
Map 3: Georgia