Herald afternoon quiz: January 20

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What is the surname of the Bee Gees brothers, Barry, Robin, and Maurice?
What is the capital city of North Korea?
What is the lowest ranked card in a game of Gin Rummy?
What type of alcohol is commonly used in a Mai Tai?
What piece of medical equipment did the French physician Rene Laennec invent?
Which David Bowie song contains the line "I've never done good things, I've never done bad things"?
Jonah Lomu played for the Blues, Hurricanes, and which other Super rugby team?
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is found in which American city?
Country Calendar first aired on New Zealand TV in which decade?
In which country is the city of Bruges found?
January 20 afternoon quiz: That's a… good start?
January 20 afternoon quiz: Not bad, but you can do better!
January 20 afternoon quiz: Good job! Share it proudly!