Herald morning quiz: January 18

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How many syllables make up a Haiku poem?
Who had a hit single in 1977 with the song Cold As Ice?
The finals series for the 2020-21 NBA season is due to take place in what month?
The Thinker is a bronze sculpture made by what artist?
What rapper owns the brand DeLeón Tequila?
Recife, Goiânia, and Belém are cities in what country?
How many American presidents have been impeached?
Tom Cruise starred in what 1986 Martin Scorsese film?
According to the book of Exodus, what was the tenth plague of Egypt?
What frozen drink does the Kwik-E-Mart sell on The Simpsons?
January 18 morning quiz: That's a… good start?
January 18 morning quiz: Not bad, but you can do better!
January 18 morning quiz: Good job! Share it proudly!