1. General:

This document constitutes the Declaration of Privacy of the Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation (heretofore: “The Corporation” or any other title in first-person). This declaration will review the types of data that we collect, the method of collection, data usage and your rights to this data. We act in compliance with the Protection of Privacy Law – 1981 (heretofore: “The Law”) and all other instructions and directives applicable to us (e.g. The Israeli Public Broadcasting Law – 2014). This Declaration of Privacy applies to the services that we offer and use of our website and applications.

This declaration may be updated from time to time. The updated version will appear on our internet website. As noted, all changes will apply to you and therefore, it is recommended to check for these updates.

There is no legal obligation to provide data, but if data is lacking, we may not be able to supply you with certain services. For example, if you do not provide us with the details requested for a specific lottery, we will not be able to register you for that lottery. If you provide us with information about others, it is your responsibility to ensure that they agree to that and to all that is written in this document.

2. Source of authority for processing data:

Upon your consent, we will process the data defined below as needed in accordance with our legitimate interests and authentic concerns as part of our standard work processes, if we are bound by a legal, ethical, social or professional obligation, or if there is a public issue that justifies the aforesaid processing procedure.

3. What type of data do we collect?

In accordance with our operations, we process different types of data, depending upon the actions you perform on our website or application.

4. Surfing on the website, reading articles, watching video segments or listening to audio recordingsThird party tools such as cookies, web beacons and tags, Google analytics, Facebook Pixel, Yandex metrica and Outbrain collect aggregative statistical data about your activity on the website, the times of your activity, data about the device in use (e.g. mobile phone model, I.D. number such as IMEI and IMSI, reception strength and duration of use), type of browser, version of the operation system, MAC address and IP address. At times, we need the IP address to comply with regulatory requirements that apply to us, such as certain broadcasting licenses. In some instances, you may cancel the authorization for use of location data by removing the application or changing the definitions on your device.

You will be able to restrict collection of data via cookies by changing the definitions on your browser.

Voting with voting tools - The website and application enable voting on various issues, such as choosing the song of the year that will be played on the Kan Gimel Radio Channel. Upon voting, data about your activities on the website or application will be collected as defined heretofore. If you choose to fill out a registration form for a lottery conducted among the voters, we will also collect your full name, I.D. number, address, date of birth, email address and phone numbers.

Filling out an application form for a job or tender on the website – Filling out forms with your full name, I.D. number, telephone numbers, email and curriculum vitae that includes different types of data that you choose to share with us.

5. How do we collect data?

When you supply us with information - For example, when you register for a lottery or when you apply for positions advertised on the website.

When you install and use our applications or internet website.

When third parties pass data on to us - It is possible that we will receive information about you from third parties, such as surveys, consultants, and out-sourcing suppliers for business transactions (for example – activity monitoring on the website).

6. What can we do with this data?

We use the data that we collect mainly for the use of our services, to comply with rules and regulations, and to protect the legitimate interests of ourselves or others. We may use the data for additional purposes, in compliance with this declaration and as required by law. For example, we will use data for the following purposes:

· Management, control and improvement of our services.

· Tailoring our services to your needs.

· Correcting problems and complaints.

· Responding to requests to review data and correct.

· Carrying out instructions and procedures that apply to us.

· Identifying and prevent illegal activities

· Data protection.

· Protecting our legal rights and those of others, including protection from lawsuits.

· Communicating with you about tenders and / or positions that you applied for at the Corporation.

· Enriching content on the Corporation’s website and /or application (via cookies and automatic data collection on the website and /or application).

7. Who may receive our data?

We may possibly pass on personal data or parts thereof to third parties as part of our ongoing operations, but this would only be to realize the objectives permitted to us by law, in accordance with your authorization or in compliance with this Declaration of Privacy. Upon passing the data on to a third party, we will take all required measures to ensure that the third party recipient of this data will safeguard the data as required in accordance with the type of data passed on.

In order to reach the objectives permitted to us, we may pass on data or parts thereof to third parties (including abroad) as follows:

· Human resource companies, strategy consultants, lawyers, employment allocation companies and so forth.

· A person or party, as obligated or authorized by law, or in accordance with the instructions of a certified authority.

· A person or party who has been authorized as a recipient, according to your request and after having presented us with identifying details.

· Sub-contractors in sectors such as service centers, IT systems, communication suppliers, suppliers of computerized cloud services, print shops and service providers for mail distribution and publicity, suppliers of out-sourcing for business activities (including parties who enable us to measure traffic on the website).

· A person or party who has been authorized by you.

· Please note that third parties such as Google and Facebook may collect data about you via tools activated on the website and application, such as cookies, in accordance with their needs. Use of data by third parties is subject to their own privacy policies, and not ours.

In accordance with legal policy, we will be authorized to pass on the data we possess about you to third parties as part of the framework of transferring our business (in its entirety or in part) to said third party.

8. Data Security:

In order to ensure optimal security of your data, we implement data security methods in accordance with the data in our possession and in compliance with the laws and legislation that apply to us. For example, we utilize encoding mechanisms and other methods of protection to maintain confidentiality and privacy. That said, there is still a risk of unauthorized access to the data. We will not assume responsibility for any damage caused as a result of infiltration and /or unauthorized access as noted, as long as we implement reasonable data security methods.

You are also responsible for implementing appropriate data security methods, such as submitting correct contact information, using anti-virus software and anti-malware, updating software, downloading from official sites, encoding, and preventing use of public computers or public Wi-Fi networks.

9. The Right of Data Portability and Rectification

You have the right to receive and review your personal data in our possession (as defined in Clause 7 of the law) by filing a written request to our email address info@kan.org.il. If you discover that the data is incorrect, it is your right to request its rectification or deletion.

10. Applicable Laws:

This Declaration of Privacy is bound by the laws of the State of Israel. That said, portions of our services are supplied by suppliers who are located abroad. The transfer of data beyond the borders of Israel will be conducted in compliance with Israeli law, but will also be bound by the laws of the country in which the data is stored.

11. Contact

In case of any questions, you can contact us at our email address info@kan.org.il.