Herald Sports Quiz brought to you by Spark Sport: December 30

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Francesco Molinari is the only golfer from which country to win a men's golf major?
Which MLB team play home games at Wrigley Field?
Richie McCaw and who else share the record for most matches at a men's Rugby World Cup, with 22?
The San Francisco 49ers won four of their five Super Bowls in which decade?
Which club is the reigning champions of the UEFA Champions League?
How many different drivers won at least one Grand Prix in the 2020 Formula One World Championship?
Before his marriage to Bec Cartwright, Lleyton Hewitt was engaged to which tennis player?
Which New Zealand Warriors coach has the best winning percentage, with 51 wins from 92 games?
Blair Tarrant is the current captain of which New Zealand national team?
Which of the Chappell brothers, famous in Australian cricket, was known by the nickname "Chappelli"?
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