Herald afternoon quiz: November 26

Test your brains out with the Herald's afternoon quiz.
Which pop singer hosted the 2020 People's Choice Awards?
Who played Nick Nolte's psychologist in The Prince of Tides?
Which musical is performed with the cast on roller skates?
The first what used on a human was in 1947, under the supervision of American surgeon Claude Beck?
What Oscar-winning film-maker directed the London 2012 Olympic Games opening ceremony?
What is the largest and most populous island of Denmark?
In the Doctor Dolittle stories, what type of animal is Chee Chee?
What mythical creature is the fruit pitaya more commonly known as?
How many muses are there in Greek mythology?
Who was recently impeached and removed as the President of Peru?
Better luck next time! We hope have learnt something new today.
Well done! We hope you have also learnt something new today.