Herald morning quiz: November 26

Test your brain out with the Herald's morning quiz.
Prior to 2020, the last time the All Blacks lost back-to-back tests was in what year?
Silicon dioxide is better known as what?
What facial feature grew everytime Pinocchio told a lie?
Sting's song My Funny Friend and Me featured in what Disney animated film?
The sol was introduced as the currency of what country in 1991?
Jumpman was Mario's original name in what arcade game?
Who voiced the baby Mikey in the 1989 film Look Who's Talking?
TV series Everybody Hates Chris was based on the childhood of what famous Chris?
What Harry Potter star recently smashed the record for fastest to reach a million Instagram followers?
Mary, Queen of Scots ruled Scotland for almost 25 years in what century?
Better luck next time! We hope you have learnt something new today.
Well done! We hope you have also learnt something new today.