Dashing States in the United States!

We'll show you a map. Can you guess the state in red?
Is the state in red New Hampshire or Vermont?
These 2 states look alike. Remember that Maine has only 1 border state -- and that's New Hampshire. So New Hampshire is the closest state to Maine.
Is the state in red Arizona or New Mexico?
These two states border each other and they kind of look alike. Remember that Arizona is closer to California and New Mexico is closer to Texas on the map!
Is the state in red Mississippi, Alabama, or Georgia?
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Alabama is in the middle of Mississippi and Georgia. Georgia is closest to the Atlantic Ocean and Mississippi is closer to Texas.
Is the sate in red North Carolina or Virginia?
Is the state in red Idaho or Iowa?
Which one of these states is Illinois?
Is this Iowa or Missouri?
Is the state in red Massachusetts or Connecticut?
Remember that Massachusetts is farther north and borders New Hampshire and Vermont.
Is this state Michigan or Wisconsin?
Which of these states has the most border states?
Maine has only 1 border state, but both Alaska and Hawaii have none!
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