What’s Your Houseplant Aesthetic?

Mother Nature is quite the artist, and plants are some of her most stunning masterpieces. But, she’s got quite a few different stylistic aesthetics, and much like if you were going shopping for new wall art or furniture, you’ll want to find the ones that will suit your home’s vibe. To find the perfect houseplants to suit your home decor, we put together this fun quiz to determine your houseplant aesthetic, along with some suggestions for the best houseplants to match your style.
What’s your favorite season?
Pick a precious stone
You’re repainting the living room! What color do you choose?
You’ve been gifted with a gorgeous new vase. What do you fill it with?
Pick a fabric motif.
Your room needs an accent light. Which fixture do you choose?
Pick a famous painting.
Choose an area rug.
Pick a scented candle.
Finally, pick the design decade that most speaks to you!

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The Minimalist

Marie Kondo would be proud! You embrace the “Less is More” motto, and prefer to keep things uncluttered and organized, with a few little accent pieces that make a big impact. You love the satisfying simplicity of crisp white walls and soft, subtle neutral tones that go with everything. Plus, that clean, white backdrop helps to make your vibrant green plants really pop! Try these three houseplants to add a little bit of color and energy into your space:

Pothos: A classic, trailing plant that looks beautiful on a floating shelf next to a stack of books. Variegated white and green varieties will look especially striking amongst your minimalist decor.

Echeveria: A small, spiraling succulent to place in the center of your coffee table.

The Bohemian

You’re a free-spirited, artistic type who loves to experiment with cool patterns, colors, and textures. You tend to stay away from plain walls and neutral tones, as they feel a bit too lifeless. You’re inspired by the artists, activists, and musicians of the ‘60s and ‘70s who embraced nature and promoted peace and harmony. You don’t mind a little bit of clutter—in fact, you enjoy amassing collections of books, art, and little treasures that hold special meaning. The must-have plant decor item for your boho home? A hanging basket! These three houseplants all make fabulous hanging plants for macrame hangers:

Sedeveria Super Donkey Tail: You can’t help but love the peculiar appearance of this trailing succulent, which kind of resembles Bob Marley’s signature hairstyle. You’ll love the little pink flowers it sprouts at the end of its vines!

Tradescantia Zebrina: The deep purple and green striped leaves of this creeping plant bring plenty of visual interest to your living space. And, in true boho style, the tradescantia has a case of wanderlust and loves to creep up around shelves, windows and trellises.

Chlorophytum Spider Bonnie: This shaggy plant is a powerful air purifier that helps keep your home free of airborne toxins. Plus, it produces plenty of little “pups” that you can give to your friends so they can grow their own new plant. Spread the love!

The Modernist

You’ve got a sharp eye for good design, and your perceptive nature helps you to draw inspiration and creative ideas from all the incredible modern architecture and fashion of big cities like New York, Paris, and Berlin. You enjoy tasteful, cutting edge decor that combines elements of all the best designs and artists of decades past, but reimagined in a fresh, 2020 kind of way. You’re a natural at finding that perfect, striking balance of crisp neutrals and rich accent colors, bold geometric patterns, and natural elements like repurposed wood and metal. You’ll definitely want to check out some of these ultra-Instagrammable houseplants:

Red Maranta: The leaves of this colorful plant feature stunning patterns that practically look hand-painted, with rich shades of forest green, emerald, burgundy, and coral. The position of the leaves is constantly changing as the levels of daylight shift, creating a dynamic living sculpture that adds plenty of visual interest.

Swiss Cheese Vine: While you are likely very familiar with the wildly popular monstera plant, the exotic swiss cheese vine has a similar aesthetic, but on a smaller scale. It features a gorgeous trailing habit that looks amazing on a floating shelf in the middle of a gallery wall.

Rex Begonia
: There are many different varieties of this fabulous houseplant, with large, swirled leaves in every color you could ever imagine! Pick a statement shade to tie your room decor together, and you’re sure to find a rex begonia variety that will match.
The Radical

You’re a rebel with an attitude who loves injecting a sense of fun, energy, and vibrancy into your surroundings. You love bending the rules, especially when it comes to design! Mixing patterns and clashing colors can look so awesome when done correctly, and you know just how to pull it off. From neons, to animal print, to wild abstract art, your home decor is cool and chaotic in the best possible way. Try some of these wickedly wild plants that are far from ordinary:

Croton: The electric yellow, red, and green leaves of this attention-grabbing plant will light up your room like a neon sign.

Cryptanthus Hot Pink: Colorful bracts splay out like a fountain, drawing all eyes toward this anything-but-subtle succulent in a vivid shade of pink.

Frizzle Sizzle: This wacky, swizzling plant looks like something out of a Dr. Seuss book! If you get a kick out of delightfully weird decor, this strange and fascinating plant is sure to captivate.

The Romantic

Making things pretty and adding a sense of charm to your surroundings is a natural gift. You’re compelled by the beautiful scenes in classic romance films, novels, and master artworks, and nothing puts a smile on your face quite like a bouquet of fresh-cut flowers. You love the way that even the tiniest little feminine accents can add warmth and sweetness to your home’s decor. To cultivate some beauty, luxury, and a romantic air, opt for some of these positively enchanting houseplants:

Calathea Dottie: The dramatic leaves of this highly fashionable calathea are nearly black with candy pink stripes—a rare find! It thrives in low light, so it’s perfect for brightening up the dimmer corners of a room.

Dracaena Tornado: This fabulous dracaena variety has vibrant green and yellow foliage that grows in a swirling pattern, as though it’s getting swept up in a tornado… or a whirlwind romance!

Anthurium Plowmanii: While most anthurium varieties are known for their waxy singular blossoms, this non-flowering cultivar has some of the most breathtaking foliage imaginable! Its elegant, flowing leaves resemble the draped fabric robes of a statue of Aphrodite.