Herald morning quiz: August 15

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Easy Week Night Meals, Dinner Time Goodness, and Family Favourites are cookbooks by what Kiwi celebrity chef?
On what Japanese island is Mount Asama located?
The largest mountain in the solar system is found on what planet?
What is Charles Dickens's best-selling novel, boasting over 200 million copies sold?
What is the 1987 Wall Street stock market crash most commonly known as?
What type of food is xiao long bao?
Rob Bourdon, Mike Shinoda, Brad Delson, Dave Farrell, and Joe Hahn are the current members of what band?
Who was the owner of the Greased Lightning car in Grease?
Who briefly replaced an injured Stephen Fleming as captain of the Black Caps in 1999?
The songs Horace Green Alma Mater, Where Did the Rock Go?, and You're in the Band are from what musical?
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