Herald morning quiz: August 7

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What American pop group hosted a controversial drive-in concert in the Hamptons last month?
What is the smallest country in Africa by area?
Who had a hit in 1979 with the song Cars?
Mercury, Venus, and what other planet are the three closest to the Sun?
The Mystery of Edwin Drood was a novel left unfinished upon what author's death?
The original version of Monopoly was based on the streets of what American city?
What Vietnam War film won a Best Picture Oscar in the 1980s?
The Gunpowder Plot, a failed assassination attempt against King James I, took place in what century?
What theatre impresario is the founder and chairman of the Really Useful Group?
The American television sitcom Home Improvement is set in what city?
August 7 morning quiz: That's a… good start?
August 7 morning quiz: Not bad, but you can do better!
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