What type of Engineer could you be?

Which of the following shows would you most likely enjoy watching?
How would you like to impact the world?
What sort of things would you like to do in your future job?
I am good at...
What project would you be most interested to work on?
What would you not regret spending your spare time doing?
Which of the following statements do you most identify with?
If you could invent, design, create or develop a project, which of the following would most interest you?
Have you ever....
As a kid which of the following fun activities did you enjoy most?
Biomedical Engineer
Biomedical Engineers create and maintain specialised technologies in the medical field, improving the quality of life for everyone. This includes diagnostic tools, treatment devices, and exciting new innovations such as artificial limbs and 3D printed organs.
Environmental Engineer
Environmental Engineers help to conserve the environment by monitoring and providing solutions to all kinds of pollution. They help to reduce and reverse the negative effects of human impact, climate change, and natural disasters.
Software Engineer
Software Engineers use their expertise in coding languages to create and maintain the complex software systems that support modern society. They work on computer programs, mobile apps, cyber security, and other aspects of the digital world.
Mining Engineer
Mining Engineers work with geologists to investigate, plan and direct the extraction of useful minerals from the earth. They use their amazing organisational and leadership skills to conduct safe and efficient operations, often in exciting remote locations.
Chemical Engineer
Chemical Engineers design processes to transform raw materials and chemicals into more useful forms in efficient, clean and safe ways. This includes creating medicines, metals, plastics and synthetic materials, fuels, and food products.
Electrical Engineer
Electrical Engineers use their knowledge of power generation and electrical system to improve the way that we live and communicate. They are important to many industries, they include renewable energy, electronics, aviation, and robotics.
Civil Engineer
Civil Engineers design, construct and test the infrastructure in our world, such as bridges, harbours, airports, transportation networks, and water resources. They help communities develop into safe, connected, and productive cities.
Mechanical Engineer
Mechanical Engineers use their knowledge of materials, energy and structures to design machines and tools that are used across many industries and in our daily lives. This includes transportation, industrial machinery, domestic appliances, and space travel.