Herald Sports Quiz brought to you by Spark Sport: August 15

Test your sporting knowledge. Will you secure a podium finish?

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Current Formula One driver Sergio Pérez comes from which country?
Aliyah Dunn is a shooter for which ANZ Premiership team?
It was recently revealed that which player is currently the highest-paid player in the NRL?
How many field umpires are required for each American football game in the NFL?
Former Crusaders player Tabai Matson is a current assistant coach for which Super Rugby Aotearoa franchise?
Sunil Narine plays international cricket for which team?
In which year did Henrik Stenson set the lowest four round total record for the Open Championship?
The Total Zone is a 1994 fiction book by which tennis legend?
Who is the current captain of the Wellington Phoenix?
Scotty James won the "Male Athlete of the Year" award at the 2019 Australian Institute of Sport Awards. What sport does he compete in?
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