Herald Sports Quiz brought to you by Spark Sport: August 13

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The first Cricket Max international match between the New Zealand Max Blacks and England took place in what year?
The Olympic record for the women's 400 metres, set in 1996, is held by a woman from which country?
Which golf course is considered the oldest golf course in the world and commonly known as "The Home of Golf"?
The Lightning and Panthers are both National Hockey League teams from which U.S. state?
Current Brisbane Bronco David Fifita has signed a multi-million dollar, three-year deal with which other NRL club?
Which driver has won the Styrian and Hungarian Grand Prix in the revamped 2020 Formula One World season?
Used by FIFA, what does the acronym that names the controversial VAR system stand for?
Who has won the NBA Most Valuable Player Award a record six times?
Spanish tennis player Arantxa Sánchez Vicario won three of her four tennis singles grand slam titles in which event?
Who won the inaugural World Rugby Player of the Year award In 2001?
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