Herald Sports Quiz brought to you by Spark Sport: August 6

Test your sporting knowledge. Will you secure a podium finish?

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Which MLB baseball team play their home games at Camden Yards
"Mrs. Doubtfire" was the nickname given to which golfer?
Sir John Kirwan played his first game for the Auckland Warriors in what year?
Which country supplies the third-most players in the NHL, behind Canada and the U.S.A.?
Who was the last Australian to win the World Surf League Men's Championship Tour?
Which country won the men's curling event at the 2018 Winter Olympic Games, stopping Canada winning for a fourth Olympics in a row?
Who are the current holders of the FA Cup in English football?
Which number is at "9 o'clock" on a dart board?
Which Melbourne Storm player was sent to the sin bin for ten minutes twice in the 2018 NRL Grand Final?
Which cricket fielding position is on the offside?
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