Herald Sports Quiz brought to you by Spark Sport: July 15

Test your sporting knowledge. Will you secure a podium finish?

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The "Miracle at Medinah" was the name given to the Ryder Cup of what year?
Who has won the most Summer Olympic Gold medals for Australia, with five?
Who holds the record for the highest One Day International individual score for the Australian men's cricket team?
How many minutes long is a NHL game in regulation?
The Boston Celtics won their 17th NBA title in 2008, which was how many years after their 16th title?
English rugby league player Luke Thompson has joined what NRL team for the 2020 season?
The Black Ferns have lost international test matches against England, Ireland, France, and what other country?
Cole Evans is the captain of what men's national team?
Where is tennis player Alexander Zverev from?
TV personality Storm Purvis currently plays for what team in the 2020 ANZ Premiership?
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