Herald Sports Quiz brought to you by Spark Sport: June 27

Test your sporting knowledge. Will you secure a podium finish?

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How many times did Arnold Schwarzenegger win the Mr. Olympia bodybuilding title?
Who was captain of the All Blacks at the 2003 Rugby World Cup?
Who won the men's single-day event at the 2020 Kathmandu Coast to Coast multisport competition?
The trampoline events in gymnastics were added to the Summer Olympic Games in which year?
Sonny Bill Williams played in, and won, how many NRL Grand Finals?
What number is found between 4 and 6 on a dart board?
Kiwi Paddy Chapman was world champion in 2018 in which sport?
Chris Evert was engaged to which fellow tennis player in 1974?
Who is the current captain of the All Whites?
Which Kiwi won the men's New Zealand Golf Open in 1989 and 1997?
Oops, looks like you dropped the ball this time round

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