World Milk Day 2020

Test your milk knowledge
When did the first dairy cow arrive in New Zealand?
What is the most common dairy cow in the world?
What was New Zealand’s first dairy export?
The glycaemic index ranges from 0-100. Foods with a high GI score cause blood sugar levels to rise rapidly, potentially damaging organs, nerves and blood vessels. What is the GI score of full-fat milk?

31, showing that milk is a slow-energy-release food.

When did milk tankers start collecting milk directly from farms?
How many people in the world consume dairy products?
How much more carbon efficient is the New Zealand dairy industry than the global average?
How much revenue did New Zealand dairy exports generate in 2019?
When was the Anchor brand born?
Which of the many vitamins found in milk is said to reduce tiredness?
World Milk Day 2020: That's a… good start?
World Milk Day 2020: Not bad, but you can do better!
World Milk Day 2020: Good job! Share it proudly!