How Much do you Know About Your U.S. Presidents?

Let's play a NEW Presidents game!
George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Abraham Lincoln are 3 of the 4 Presidents depicted on Mount Rushmore. Who is the 4th?
When George Washington became the 1st President, there were already how many states in the Union?
I was the 21st President and I didn't have either a Vice President or a First Lady. Who am I?
I was the first Vice President. Who am I?
I was a First Lady married to the 42nd President. I also was Secretary of State and I ran for President. Who am I?
Franklin Roosevelt had the longest presidency. Who had the shortest?
There have been 5 Presidents that never had a First Lady.
I am the only President that served 2 terms that were NOT consecutive. Who am I?
Franklin Roosevelt was elected to 4 terms as President. Can that ever happen again?
I was the 41st President. Who am I?
Want to play again?
Great job! You're pretty President savvy!