Who would you share the penalty box with?

What would you be best known for on the team?
A player is chirping you during a game, what do you do?
Pick a teammate to back up in a scrum.
What are you typically doing during warm-ups?
A player just went after Carter Hart ... what do you do?
Pick a player to drop the gloves with.
Travis Konecny
You're a ball of energy who feeds off of other players despising the fact they have to play against you. There's not a player you wouldn't chirp if the opportunity was there and if they happy to go after your buddy? All bets are off and attack mode is activated. Friendship at its finest.
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Sean Couturier
You're often described as a leader on your team and do so much right, opposing players will try to catch you off your game. While it doesn't happen often, you're not afraid to defend yourself when need be. Most times, you don't do anything wrong ... but the officials will find something. You'll argue every stride to the box and come out scoring once the two minutes expire.
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Ivan Provorov
You're a perfectionist, always striving to improve your game. While you aren't one that's known to lose your cool, it's bound to happen from time to time. Everyone makes mistakes, but that's no excuse ... it happened, but you're going to beat yourself up for it and learn from the experience moving forward.
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It's a whole party
You're a team player through and through. Even though you might not typically be one to drop the gloves, that doesn't mean you won't if you needed to stand up for your teammate. Whether it's good or bad, expect a shoutout from the captain in the locker room following the game for a job well done.